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20 Apr 2017

Shakespeare Distillery Alscot Quince Gin

Stratford-upon-Avon’s Shakespeare Distillery has only gone and done it again! Their new limited-edition and third Tudor-inspired gin is made from the fruits of a quince tree on the beautiful 4,000-acre Alscot country estate in Alderminster, where the distillery is based.

Alscot Quince Gin’s the perfect tipple to celebrate the Bard’s birthday this weekend!

This independent artisan spirit producer aims to recreate the flavours of their namesake’s era. The Tudor period was a significant time for spirit production. By fusing traditional methods and in some cases forgotten ingredients with modern techniques they set out to create exciting new spirits.

The idea for a Quince gin first came about last October at a charity event in The Bell at Alderminster while chatting to the owner and CEO of the Ascot Estate Emma Holman-West when they spied some curious looking fruit in the kitchen. She explained that the estate had a single Quince tree and they were welcome to as much fruit as they could carry, as she had little use for it. The Quince was a favourite of the Tudor period, like apple but with a more intense and deliciously perfumed aroma and flavour.

“They call for dates and quinces in the pastry.” –  Romeo and Juliet, Act 4

A few months later they produced their first batch of Alscot Quince Gin, using Stratford Gin combined with the Quinces, having first roasted them to bring out the sweetness in flavour and rich colour. The result is a mellow, rich full-bodied dry gin with the distinctive Stratford Gin herbal notes, ideal for sipping neat over ice or served as a gin and tonic. It’s available from the distillery’s online shop

Their original one-shot, London Dry, Stratford Gin combines modern distillation and Tudor garden botanicals. Ingredients include Juniper, coriander and lemon peel mixed with rose, lemon balm, rosemary and lovage reminiscent of a gentle, aromatic, English garden. This is a juniper led gin with notable floral bursts and a delightful touch of citrus.

Shakespeare Distillery Gins

Then came Mulberry Gin, made by combining Mulberries with Stratford Gin and leaving them to steep for several months before decanting and bottling. The result is a deep rich fruity Gin ideal for sipping or using in cocktails.

Shakespeare Distillery Mulberry Gin Liqueur

You can taste just how good all three products are at these 5 upcoming gin-tastic events, as Stratford Distillery will be attending:

  1. Madam Barlow’s Ginboree at Samuel Barlow Freehouse at Alvecote Marina, near Tamworth, on the Coventry Canal, Sat April 29
  2. Gin Tasting & Tapas at Talton Mill Farm Shop – a sell-out last year – £25, Sat May 27
  3. Warwick Food Festival, Sun May 28,
  4. An Adults- only World Gin Day at the National Space Centre, Leicester, £10, Sat June 10
  5. Leamington Wine Co Gin Festival, £35, Fri June 23


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