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Wowee-Zowee! We’re in the UK Blog Awards Finals 2017!

4 Mar 2017

Muddy Founder and Editor-in-Chief Hero Brown (Bucks & Oxon) wants to share something really exciting with you…

It’s been such a crazy year so far that I somehow forgot to tell you some really amazing news. Oops!

So it’s a massive and heartfelt thank you for those of you who suggested Muddy Stilettos as the UK’s Best Arts & Culture Blog before Christmas, because guess what? We’ve only gone and made the Finals, one of only eight companies in the whole of the UK. I know, holy craparoo!

I am a fully fledged grown-up with urbane tastes. Really.

Chances of winning are slimmer than my fantasy version of myself (and we’re talking shaving 12 inches off either side here) as we’re up against the might of companies like Oxford’s Bodliean Library and the whole of flippin English Heritage. I’m feeling a bit sweaty just thinking about that, truth be told. But I’m happy to have made this far – for all my witterings I do secretly take arts and culture very seriously (shhhhhh) and I’m all for thinking that miracles can happen, so watch this space.

The winner is announced in April so I’ll let you know then how it goes. In the meantime, at ease soldier, continue as you were, and thank you again for being so awesome and supportive.

Hero x

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Warwickshire Edition